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Maintenance tips

Maintenance schedule - Homeowner products

Follow the hourly or calendar intervals, whichever occurs first. More frequent service will be required if working for prolonged periods under dusty, dry conditions, or when airborne debris is present or after extensive operation cutting tall, dry grass. 


First 5 Hours

  • After the very first five hours change the engine oil
  • Adjust the autodrive clutch cable

Daily (before use)

  • Check the oil level
  • Remove grass debris from around the engine, exhaust/exhaust guard, air ways in the top cowl, underside of the deck housing and from the grassbag and check for signs of damage.
  • Check the condition of guards and safety devices.
  • Check condition of cutterblade.

25Hrs or Every Season

  • Change the engine oil if continuously operating under heavy load or high ambient temperature.
  • Service the air cleaner.
  • Lubricate wheels, pivot points and linkages and grease the inner control cables at point of entry and exit from their outer casing.
  • Check the clutch cable adjustment.
  • Sharpen the cutterblade. 

50Hrs or Every Season

  • Change the engine oil.

100Hrs or Every Season

  • Clean the engine cooling system. Clean more often under dusty conditions or when airborne debris is present or after prolonged operation whilst cutting tall, dry grass.
  • Replace the spark plug.


  1. Air Cleaner
  2. Fuel Cap
  3. Start Grip
  4. Cover
  5. Oil fill/Dipstick
  6. Exhaust Guard
  7. Exhaust 
  8. Spark Plug / Lead
  9. Carburettor

Carburettor Adjustments

Should only be made by an authorised Briggs & Stratton dealer.  Under no circumstances should the engine be adjusted to run at a speed in excess of that shown on the Declaration of Conformity. 

Oil service

Check the oil level daily before starting the engine and ensure that the correct oil level is maintained. Refer to-‘Before Starting the Mower’ for oil checking and filling instructions.

Change the engine oil after the first 5 hours of operation and thereafter according to the ‘Maintenance Schedule’:-

  1. Drain fuel by running the engine until the fuel tank is empty. 
  2. Remove the spark plug lead. 
  3. Allow the engine to cool. 
  4. Drain the oil while the engine is warm (not hot)
  5. Tip the mower over on to its side ensuring the air cleaner is kept uppermost to prevent engine damage.  
  6. Remove the oil filler dipstick and drain the oil into a suitable container. 
  7. Refill with new oil of the recommended SAE viscosity grade. 

Air cleaner service

To service the air cleaner, loosen screw (1) and remove cover (2).

Remove cartridge (3) and clean by tapping gently on a flat surface.  If very dirty, replace.

  • Do not use petroleum solvents.
  • Do not use pressurised air.
  • Do not oil the cartridge.

After servicing, install the cartridge into the cover. Insert the tabs on the bottom of the cover into the slots in the bottom of the base (4). Tilt the cover upwards and securely tighten the screw to the base.

Air Cleaner service (Foam Type)

To service the air cleaner, loosen and remove screw (1) and remove cover (2).

Remove the foam element (3) and wash in a solution of liquid detergent and water. Allow to dry thoroughly before fitting or wrap in a cloth and squeeze dr. If very dirty, replace.

  • Do not use petroleum solvents.
  • Do not use pressurised air.
  • Do not oil the cartridge.

Saturate with clean oil and squeeze out excess. After servicing, re-assemble the air cleaner and fasten securely.

Spark Plug Service

Use only Briggs & Stratton (Part number 19368) spark tester to check for a spark as shown in the diagram.

Replace the spark plug every 100 hours or every season, whichever occurs first. A spark plug wrench is available from any authorised Briggs & Stratton service dealer.

Check the spark plug gap with a feeler gauge and set at 0.50mm. 

Keep engine clean

Remove all grass and debris from the engine including the exhaust/exhaust guard, the air ways in the top cowl and the surrounding deck areas on a daily basis after use. Never spray the engine with water during cleaning. Water can contaminate the fuel. Always clean with a brush or  compressed air.

Grass and debris may clog the engine’s air cooling system especially after prolonged operation while cutting tall, dry grass.  The internal cooling fins and surfaces may require cleaning to prevent overheating and engine damage. We recommended that this service be carried out by an authorised Hayter Service dealer.


Remove grass debris from the grassbag immediately after use and check its condition for signs of damage.

To prevent accidents replace a damaged grassbag immediately.

Deck Housing

Remove grass debris from the top and underside of the deck housing immediately after use.

Fertilisers and top dressings are particularly corrosive. Thoroughly clean the mower deck immediately after use on treated grass and store well away from corrosive materials.

Clutch Cable Adjustment

At any time the operator feels that the machine is loosing drive:

  1. Stop the engine.
  2. Pull the machine backwards at the same time progressively engage the clutch lever until the rear rollers lock, at this point the clutch lever should be 60mm from the handlebar.
  3. If the distance between the clutch lever and handlebar is less than 60mm regulate the engagement position with the black plastic cable adjuster. To regain the 60mm distance 
  4. Note this is a temporary adjustment and at the nearest opportunity a service should be carried out to ensure the spring on the clutch cable attached to the gearbox clutch is set correctly. This adjustment should be done using the metal adjuster at the control with the plastic adjuster reset fully wound in. When the spring is set tighten the inner lock nut to secure in position.


Lubricate the wheels, pivot points and linkages with engine oil every 25 operating hours.

Apply a good quality medium grease to the inner control cables at the point of entry and exit from their outer casing.