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  • Makers of the finest mowers

    Our motto says it all. Here at Hayter, we constantly strive to produce premium quality lawn care products – as we have since 1946. Used by homeowners and professional contractors all over the UK, Hayter mowers are a pleasure to use and will serve you well for many years.  

    With a choice of electric and petrol products, there’s a Hayter mower suitable for most households. 

  • Proud to be British

    Many significant mowers have emanated from the Hayter Headquarters in Spellbrook, a hamlet between Harlow and Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire.  Hayter still design and manufacture many products at their manufacturing plant there to this day. 

    The majority of our products are still painted in our traditional “British Racing Green” colours – making a Hayter mower instantly recognizable wherever you go.

    Many Hayter mowers are of the “rear roller” type – enabling you to achieve that very British thing, a beautifully striped lawn.

  • A sound investment

    “Quality is remembered long after the price paid is forgotten”. 
Customers consistently tell us how impressed they are both with the quality of performance, and the reliability and longevity of the Hayter product. 

    Hayter enjoys a remarkable degree of loyalty from its customers – we believe this is testament to the fact that Hayter equipment performs reliably and effectively over its lifetime.

    So whether you’re striving for the perfect lawn, or you’re just looking to improve your mowing experience, we know you’ll be happy mowing with your Hayter for many, many years to come.

  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

    Along with our network of authorized Sales and Service Dealers, we work hard to ensure your every experience of Hayter is a positive one. Complete customer satisfaction is our aim.

    Supported by electronic systems relaying timely product and service information, our network of dealers is capable of satisfying customer needs quickly and efficiently.

  • Strong financial backing

    Since 2005 Hayter has been owned by The Toro Company, based in Minneapolis, USA. 
Toro is a leading global manufacturer of high quality turf equipment for golf courses, landscape contractors and homeowners. See www.thetorocompany.com

    Since acquiring Hayter, Toro has invested significant funds to further improve Hayter’s existing facility at Spellbrook.

  • The future

    Looking to the future, Hayter is well placed to build on its 65 years of success. At the root of this positive future will be Hayter’s desire to continue its culture of being ‘Makers of The Finest Mowers’

    We used to say “Sooner or later you’ll buy a Hayter”.

    Why not join the ever-growing group of Hayter owners today?
    We know you’ll be happy you did.

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