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My father bought a Harrier 35 around 25 years ago. Guess what! It's still going strong today after being regularly used for everyone of those years. Now that's what I call build quality. These machines might be in the higher price bracket compared to some out there, but they are worth every penny. Well done, Hayter.

May 2017

Top class lawn mower. I treated my self to my third hayter. I now have a Harrier 48 Pro, and it is just amazing, the build quality is amazing, and the power from the mower is outstanding, the cut is just perfect, this mower will service me for many years , its like owning a classic car you look after it with love and care and bring it out at the week end 10/10 from hayter and the after service is also great when i need any parts you can order simply a nut and bolt with out any issues to keep your machinery in tip top condition than you .

Market drayton shropshire
March 2017

Hello, Had my mower 24 years, at least, still goes a treat. Have used it for contract work, been keeping the grass down at home here since I retired. Paint has lifted off in places, clean it down and spray with WD40 before putting it away. Sometimes use it for topping smallish areas where goat don't keep the grass down. Delighted with it, knew it would serve me well. Son has also used it for contract work. Goes first time, except when fresh out in spring! Wake it up and goes 3rd time with fresh petrol. Store it in the piggery with a cover over. Plenty of work for it out here in the wilds of Suffolk

South Suffolk
August 2016

Truly excellent prize

Hello, The mower was delivered this afternoon; it is a truly excellent prize! Very many thanks Tom Taylor

July 2015

"Rolls Royce" of lawnmowers

I am writing to say how thrilled I am with my prize; it was delivered on Friday afternoon and used on Saturday. My description is that it is the "Rolls Royce" of lawnmowers, thank you so much for such a fabulous prize.

June 2015

A wedding present twenty two years ago and it's still going strong.

I had my Hayter lawnmower as a wedding present twenty two years ago and it's still going strong. It is the only item that we have that hasn't gone wrong or had to be replace in all that time. If the time came to replace it there would be no hesitation in buying another Hayter machine. Thank you Hayter .

May 2015

Well done Hayter.

Was a previous owner of Harrier 56 & unfortunately moved away from Hayter. Only purchased a new Harrier 56 today. A newer model from the previous one I owned. This newer is an extremely competent lawnmower, with a more powerful engine, and superb finish. Well done Hayter.

Longford Ireland
September 2014

Still going strong today after 25 years

I feel I must let you know how pleased I am with my lawnmower, I purchased a Harrier 41 model in 1989 and it is still going strong today after 25 years of service with very little maintenance. It is nice to know that there is somethings that keep on going in this throw away world.

Rushden Northamptonshire.
May 2014

True testament to the Hayterette

This machine is still in working order, true testament to the quality of Hayter mowers. I also have and still use a Hawk dating from the 1970's.

September 2013

Still cutting grass as well as it did the first day I bought it 21 years ago

I wanted to praise Hayter I bought a Hayter Harrier 48, 21 Years ago from Sam Turner Northallerton North Yorks. What a machine it has proved to be I service it regularly. It has never let me down I went to live in New Zealand for 2 years and used it there commercially I have had 1 grass box collector in all those years after every winter it takes 2 pulls to start it and then after that 1 pull every time beat that!! Who would expect a lawn mower to last that long and still cut grass as well as it did the first day I bought it 21 years ago amazing Thank you Hayter.

August 2013

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