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Get your lawns looking lush ready for spring

If your lawn is looking a little lack-lustre, now is the perfect time to think about preparation for the summer months ahead.  Hayter, makers of the finest mowers, are encouraging customers to think ahead to the warmer months, but act now to ensure their lawn is in tip top condition come spring.  

March is a great month to “de-thatch” or “scarify” your lawn.  Lawns that have too much thatch can feel spongy, and this thatch can act like a sponge too, withholding valuable air, water and nutrients that the turf roots need to grow.

Scarifiers clear a lawn by using metal blades or tines to cut through to the soil, removing any excess thatch to allow air and other nutrients to reach the soil below.  

The Hayter Scarifier is simple to operate and features a Briggs & Stratton® petrol engine, which powers a 15-fixed blade cutting system to make light work of the de-thatching process. The 40-litre grass bag collects old grass stems as you go, so less clean-up is needed. The Hayter Scarifier also benefits from easy-to-use controls, including a single-point hand-wheel adjustment so you can easily vary cutting height according to the needs of your turf.

The Hayter Scarifier has an RRP of £589, and is available at your local authorised Hayter Dealer.